Barrel Brake-In
Barrel break-in. Proper barrel break-in procedures are crucial for top accuracy and performance. Through barrel break-in most tool marks are smoothed and allows for easier cleaning of the barrel. Should be done on all new barrels and is never too late to rejuvenate a neglected barrel.

Accuracy Validation
Accuracy Validation. Any un-known rifles and ammunition that have not been proven will go through accuracy validation to prove that the rifle/ammo combination will meet long range standards. We like temp stable powder loads and guns shooting less than the max 1 moa. Both accuracy and velocity extreme spreads will be checked when doing this.  

Custom Bedding of the Action
Custom bedding of the action is needed for almost all rifles. Bedding is basically mirroring the barreled action into the stock with bedding compound. This allows for stability and consistency when the rifle is fired to ensure least amount possible movement and ensure the barreled scoped action does not shift.

Load Development
Load development is for rifles that do not have proven hand loads with high ballistic coefficient bullets and temp stable powders that will allow for precision loads to work in all situations of long range hunting and shooting.  

Data Work
Data Work is the final step in getting your long range rifle ready to hunt or shoot long range. The process of data collection we shoot at your zero range usually 200 yards and the multiple other yardages. Usually 400, 600-700, and 1000, then somewhere 1200-1400 depending on the caliber. We get exact clicks to build a custom ballistic curve with the ammunition to submit for turrets, build charts or enter into the rangefinder.

Scope Mount and lapping of Rings
We only know of one way to mount the scope and that is the right way. No short cuts are taken when we lap the rings and level your scope. This step cannot be over looked or skimped on, it is critical to have free moving turrets that create consistent adjustments.