338 Edge Improved 2480 yards or 720 yards past a mile.

338 Edge Improved with the 300 grain bergers at 2955 fps. Nightforce g7 scope. Cold bore and 1 moa group. It took me 25 minutes to shoot three round making sure the conditions were the exact same for every shot. Had a 2-2.5 wind. 94.8 moa up and 2 moa left. We live by this motto at Hunt The Distance. Our competitors often imitate, but cannot duplicate the quality that we offer. If you are in the market for a top-notch hunting system or quality scopes and accessories, you have come to the right place. Hunt The Distance provides lethal long range rifles, built with the avid hunter in mind. We understand that there are many factors that come in to play, when you are in the field, so we ensure that your long range rifle, your ammunition, and everything that can be controlled, holds the tightest of tolerances. Leaving the hunter with minimal uncontrolled conditions. Our precision with the products we sell, is proven by you the hunter’s performance.